(M/T: Urlaub)

Since I ever known you, I have a problem, I do.
You make me so mad. You get on my nerves so bad.
You say you live for the nation all day, around the clock.
No attempt to hide manipulation. Such a shock.

Do me a favor, before I snap, shut your trap!
Gonna blow my stack if I hear any more of this flapjack.
Wish I could get rid of you, I really do.
But they'll elect someone new just as bad as you.

You're full of complete bull.

You must realize we no longer believe your lies.
What a bore! Heard it a thousand times before.
You're loud'n'fast'n'fake. Shut up, give us a break.
Don't even think before you speak. You make me sick.

Shake a few hands, kiss the babies, oh please!
You always swim with the tide, have no integrity, no pride.
I'd knock you off, you old fart, but can't get past your bodyguard.
But I just might drop by your house one night.

You're full of total bull!
You're full of total bull, oh yeah.


You're full of complete bull.
You are so full of total bull, oh, no.

Bullshit you're full of it.
Same old song, garbage all day long.
Total crap. Shut Your trap.
Total bull!
And you go on and on ...
on and on and on...


(from the single "Quark ∙ Revolution '94" resp. from the album "Das Beste von kurz nach früher bis jetze")

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