(M/T: Urlaub)

Hello, my dear, I love you, see.
You're the only one for me.
The others all are really dumb.
Too your charme only will I succumb.

So special, not run of the mill.
Finding you was such a thrill.
So lie down naked, please do,
for I'm so very much in love with you.

Getting dark, long time till morning.
I think you'll need a word of warning.

Men are such pigs, hear.
Never trust them, my dear.
They're all after one thing, it's clear.
That's just the way it is.

Guys feel like half am man, no one,
unless the can really make you come.
They'll lie, never turning red,.
just to get you into bed.

Next day always the same,
they don't even recall your name.
Enough to make you hit the ceiling,
inconsiderable, have no feeling.

For them, love is about gettin' it on.
Remeber that, listen to your mom.

Guys ar such swine.
Don't even hope for sunshine.
Sorry, there's no exception.
Men are pigs from their very conception.

Men are pigs, okay.
Don't believe a word, they say.
They swear to be faithful all the way.
Till next morning, it's rare, that they stay.

If, in spite of what's been said,
You're rash enough a men to wed.
I bet you'll see your Romeo,
soon after nasty horns will grow.

Reveal to you his real face,
unshaven, smelly, big disgrace.
Get fat, drinking beer and watch TV,
belch and fart disgustingly.

Then you'll have King Kong for a man.
So follow my device if you still can.

They're pigs, all the way.
Don't believe a word they say.
Just wanna go all the way.
These words mind: For true love they are blind.

Men are real rats,
can't trust them, that's the facts.
They'll try and take for a ride,
any girl who doesn't run and hide.

Men are such swine.
Don't even hope for sunshine.
Sorry, there's no exception.
Every man's a pig, deep down inside.

Man are like cars,
except that they have no spares.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

(from the single "Ein Schwein namens Männer" resp. from the album "13")

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