(M/T: Urlaub)

"Now for the first time I realized, that all I really want is you."

You have eyes deeper than the sea,
and your lips as soft as sand.

I have kissed you, girl,
though out of reach you seem,
and because I don’t know you at all,
I only kiss you in my dream.

You don’t see me.
You don’t feel me.
You don’t breath.
You lie there still.

Forever, forever,
forever, forever

Your pretty body I would like to touch,
drink from your perfect lips also.

I’m dreaming every night of you,
‘cause you are there with me.
But on the day when I will sleep forever,
we’ll be together eternally.

I do need you.
I do kiss you.
I dream of you.
I do love you.

"I'm mad about you, too."

Forever, forever,
forever, forever (rep.)

(from the album "Die Ärzte" resp. from the single/maxi-single "Für immer")

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