(M/T: Urlaub)

Recently, recently, recently (so what?) ...

It is not so long ago when I met an awesome lady,
and I went to her and said my name is not Slim Shady.
You have very pretty eyes,
you have very pretty eyes,
you h
ave very pretty eyes,
and a very pretty mouth.

And she said to me,
and she said to me,
and she said and she said and she said to me.

FaFaFaFaFaFaFaÖ Fuck off!

I said: "Wait a moment I cannot accept this.
I want to debate still itís not too late to try me
Donít be afraid, donít be afraid, Iím not gonna seduce you,
but canít you understand if a girl just says no I could cut off my hand.
Do you want to provoke me, do you want to En Vogue me.
Are you deaf, are you blind. Now, stop to adorn.
Just drink some more beer and then weíll drive to me.
Itís not so far from here. Iíll give you a massage ,
and weíll do it lying and weíll do it doggy styling,
sandwich and weíll do it of course standing, too.
You know what weíll do, so come on letís go, OK?"

FaFaFaFaFaFaFaÖ Fuck off!

Hey you, listen anew you cannot say it so,
because that ainít in the flow.
I donít know what you got.
Itís a warm summer night, I brought you flowers all right,
and bye the way I have to say.

"... goodbye you rapwanker, you want Ghetto?
Can have that, stop that fucking sissy music!

(from the album "Die Bestie in Menschengestalt")

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