(M/T: Urlaub)

It started when she first called.
Right away, I felt so small.
Her voice, so tender, sweet and dear,
it sounded in my ear.

She sent me a color shot.
I swear, my heart, it nearly stopped.
She looked like a pizza,
but even more gorgeous, such a surge.

I wrote her a love letter
with fragrance of roses, all the better.
A mere two weeks later,
we had found our common love dominator.

Elke! Big fat Elke!

We had our first date at her house, it was great.
She was even bigger than in the picture.
I tried for some hugs, got squashed by her jugs.
Smothered by her bulk, a giant, heavy hulk.
A giant goddess, too huge to caress.
Her enormous belly looks like turkey breast in jelly.

Elke! Big fat Elke!
Elke! Big fat Elke!

One night, dinner by candlelight.
I had a bit if tofu. An entire pig she did chew.
Elke's so cute, so gay, my luscious sweet.
In summer good for shade, in winter good for heat.
Her thights, oh, the size!
I climbed her flank without an oxygen tank.

Elke! Big fat Elke!
Elke! Big fat Elke!

Called her darling hippo, as a joke, you know.
But with that I broke her big fat heart.
And she did die my little sweetie pie.
I wanted a nice tomb for her but the cemetery had no room

Elke! No room for Elke!
Elke! Big fat Elke!

Bela, the bastard was faster!

(from the album "Das ist nicht die ganze Wahrheit")

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