(M/T: Felsenheimer)

The Count isn’t what he was before.
Yes, the count, feels now strange and so unsure.
Yes, the count lives of blood bank reserves. dead rats and so on.
Yes, the count is no punk rocker. He's an vampir icon.

The count is frightening young children no more.
Yes, the count is now lonely old and poor.
Yes, the count doesn’t know ozone hole and nuclear energy.
Yes, the count is now past, blood and memory.
But once...

Yes, once he was (but once) feared by all, the evil in person.
Yes, once he was (but once) beloved by girls.
They even uncovered their necks for him.
He was a walking sin.

The count is now lonely and alone.
Yes, the count has no place that he could call his home.
But the count, longs back the blood of virginity.
But the count has fear, fear of HIV.
But once...

Yes, once he was (but once) the most powerful being under the moonbeam.
Yes, once he was (but once) a beautiful forbidden dream,
of immortality,
much too sexy for us to see.

The count sits upon a hill this morn’.
, the count waits for, the sun of dawn.

(vom Album "13")

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