(M/T: Urlaub)

You're really pretty cool.
Hair's not too thin, nor's your stool.
Not too skinny, not too fat.

You know where it's at.
You've got dought, your wallet's fat.
So why aren't you hot?

You got the accesssoires down pat,
bu there's something you forgot.
With that baby-smooth face,
you'll never win the race.

Without it you're in trouble.
Three days' worth of strubble.

Your BMW convertible in gray.
It's not too bad, it's quite okay.
King of the Road all the way.

Your shoes of crocodile,
prove you're a man of taste and style.
But you're still far from perfection,
when you check out your reflection.

You jerk off, what a bore,
You'd really much rather score.

But for that you need more.
My advíce, don't ignore.
Money's not it, you need both,
gotta have that three days growth.

Hey Joe, you want the girls to blow.
Believe me you gotta grow.
Want 'em to rave,
just don't shave.
A beards real flow,
we cool people know.
Kinda Don Johnson would be snappy,
and your little friend will be happy.

You're such a super guy.
So why are you high and dry.

You're such  a super guy.
So why no girlfriend, why oh why?


(from the single "3-Tage-Bart" resp. the album "Le Frisur")

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