(M/T: Gonzalez-Kobold-Felsenheimer)

Let me introduce myself to you.
All you parents out there.
I'm the one you try to frighten your children with.
So listen with care.

I tell your kids to play in the street.
I tell 'em take rides with strangers.
I'm there when you're not.
I'm there in their mind.
Show 'em what's nice about dangers.


I tell 'em tales of bulldogs with rubberteeth,
and cops with wooden legs.
I make 'em love those nasty rock 'n' roll bands,
tattoos drugs and perverted sex.

Kids love me (wdh.)

Yeah kids love me - You know why?
I created all the nice little dangers.
You're so petrified of.

I made the bottles you keep under the sink.
Looking so harmless and jolly appetizing.
I invented the subway to surf in,
and... ah yes Punkrock.

Kids love me (wdh.)

(vom Album "AT 2012 A.D.")

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